Beginning to read extensively: A case study with Mako and Fumi Nishino, Takako 2020-05-22T02:04:44Z 2020-05-22T02:04:44Z 2007-10
dc.description.abstract Research has shown that extensive reading offers a wide range of learning benefits to second language (L2) learners. However, most studies on L2 extensive reading are conducted collectively on groups of learners and do not provide a detailed picture of individual experience. Moreover, there are few studies conducted on the reading experiences of early L2 learners. This paper presents a longitudinal case study on the reading strategies and motivation of 2 Japanese middle school students beginning to read extensively in English. During this 2.5-year study, the researcher conducted interviews 4 times, gave tests regularly, and observed participant behavior in each reading session. The results show that the 2 participants used a variety of reading strategies and that their L2 reading motivation changed as they became increasingly fluent readers. The findings reveal significant individual differences in the use of reading strategies and support a dynamic view of L2 reading motivation.
dc.identifier.doi 10125/66807
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dc.publisher University of Hawaii National Foreign Language Resource Center
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dc.subject extensive reading
dc.subject graded readers
dc.subject English as a foreign language
dc.subject reading strategies
dc.subject motivation
dc.title Beginning to read extensively: A case study with Mako and Fumi
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