On Intelligence Augmentation and Visual Analytics to Enhance Clinical Decision Support Systems

Heart, Tsipi
Padman, Rema
Ben-Assuli, Ofir
Gefen, David
Klempfner, Robert
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Human-in-the-loop intelligence augmentation (IA) methods combined with visual analytics (VA) have the potential to provide additional functional capability and cognitively driven interpretability to Decision Support Systems (DSS) for health risk assessment and patient-clinician shared decision making. This paper presents some key ideas underlying the synthesis of IA with VA (IA/VA) and the challenges in the design, implementation, and use of IA/VA-enabled clinical decision support systems (CDSS) in the practice of medicine through data driven analytical models. An illustrative IA/VA solution provides a visualization of the distribution of health risk, and the impact of various parameters on the assessment, at the population and individual levels. It also allows the clinician to ask “what-if” questions using interactive visualizations that change actionable risk factors of the patient and visually assess their impact. This approach holds promise in enhancing decision support systems design, deployment and use outside the medical sphere as well.
Decision Support for Healthcare Processes and Services, artificial intelligence, clinical decision support systems, intelligence augmentation, risk assessment, visual analytics
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