The Making of a 'Top' Open Data City: A Case Study of Edmonton’s Open Data Initiative

Corbett, Jacqueline
Templier, Mathieu
Takeda, Hirotoshi
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In recent years, various models and indexes have been proposed to evaluate and rate the performance of open data initiatives. However, little research examines cities’ open data initiatives in relation to these indexes and how cities achieve open data success. Through an exploratory case study of Edmonton, Canada’s top ranked open data city, this research sheds light on the mechanisms contributing to top-rated and successful open data initiatives. Our findings reveal current open data indexes emphasize publication of data sets over the measurement of impact. The case study suggests that to be successful, cities should approach open data as a continuing journey and must actively engage other stakeholders, particularly intermediaries and citizens. Finally, we observe that common myths constructed around open data help promote open data at a strategic level, but must be viewed skeptically at the operational level.
Open Data, Information Processing, and Datification in Government, case study, index, intermediaries, maturity, open data
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