An Investigation of IT Users’ Emotional Responses to Technostress Creators

Sarabadani, Jalal
Compeau, Deborah
Carter, Michelle
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While prior research on technostress has examined different adverse effects of technostress, the role of emotion has largely been ignored. Emotions play a major role in individuals’ beliefs and guide their behavior and decision making process. Thus, it is essential to understand how IT users emotionally respond under the presence of technostress creators in the workplace. The current paper is an investigation to achieve this objective. The results of the research show that techno-overload and techno-complexity are significant predictors of negative emotions. Moreover, while techno-complexity is negatively associated with positive emotions, techno- uncertainty was positively associated with positive emotions. The influences of other technostress creators, such as techno-invasion and techno-insecurity are less clear. More research is needed to identify outcomes of emotions associated with each technostress creator and to provide a foundation for effective managerial interventions.
The Dark Side of Information Technology Use, emotional responses, emotions, technostress, technostress creators
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