ERP Knowledge: Enhancing Program Growth for Workforce Impact

Freeze, Ronald
Bristow, Susan
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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems foundationally enable organizations to perform day-to-day operations in an integrated, efficient, and compliant manner. More and more organizations are implementing or have implemented ERP systems. ERP systems are robust, but do come with complexity and a significant learning curve for the entire organization. The need for new workforce talent that understands and knows how to use an ERP system is prevalent. To aid in developing the workforce talent, a southern university has developed an in-depth ERP program. To measure the knowledge of the upcoming workforce, this study initiates a longitudinal analysis that focuses on the ERP program’s knowledge map development. Business knowledge and business knowledge gaps of ERP concepts are the goal of the study with the intent to improve the pace of the knowledge map development. The initial study findings showed that the knowledge map is refined with course/program progression.
Organizational Learning, Business Knowledge, ERP, Knowledge Structure, Knowledge Management, Mental Model
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