The Correlation of Soil Algae, Airborne Algae, and Fern Spores with Meteorological Conditions on the Island of Hawaii

Carson, Johnny L.
Brown, R Malcolm Jr.
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University of Hawaii Press
Correlations of the generic diversity of soil and airborne algae with altitude on the island of Hawaii are noted. Distribution of the soil algae was determine d by culturing an aqueous soil extract from designated altitudes on agarized inorganic growth media. Distribution of airborne algae and fern spores was determined by investigations of viable particulate impactions on the surface of agarized inorganic growth media identical to that used in culturing the soil samples. Little correlation occurs between the generic diversity of the airborne and soil algae at corresponding altitudes, which suggests a cosmopolitan mixing of airborne propagules that have been released from different altitudes. However, striking relationships were noted in the quantitative determinations of airborne green and blue-green algae and of fern spore impactions with the varying meteorological conditions of rain, fog-mist, and clear, sunny conditions accompanying the altitude change.
Carson JL, Brown RM Jr. 1976. The correlation of soil algae, airborne algae, and fern spores with meteorological conditions on the island of Hawaii. Pac Sci 30(2): 197-205.
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