Spatial Practices in Digital Work: Calling for a Spatial Turn in Information Systems Research

Sheikh, Kamaran
Baptista, Joao
Porto de Albuquerque, Joao
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The growing use of digital media in the workplace is shifting work to digital platforms, this study explores the role of the physical office space in modern organisations where digital work is the norm. We capture the way in which digital media modulates the production of space by tracing the physical and digital interactions of a software development team in a global IT company. Taking a performative and ontogenetic view of space we conceptualise two types of spatial practices that form distinct modulations and assemblages of features of the physical and digital environment. The first spatial practice modulates space to support recurrent work activities, while the second spatial practice modulates space to support ephemeral and focused work activities. This study contributes to the IS literature with a conceptual basis to study the interconnected nature of physical space in digital work in modern workplace settings. It calls for greater attention to space as a performative and constitutive element of digital work in information systems research.
Digital Innovation, Organizational Systems and Technology, digital work, entangled workspace, physical space, sociospatial, work practices
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