Risk –Informed Decision Making in Information System Implementation Projects: Using Qualitative Assessment and Evaluation of Stakeholders’ Perceptions of Risk

Schurr, Monica
De Tuya, Manuel
Noll, Kathryn
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The successful implementation of a new software system at any organization requires identification and management of risks as well as insight into the decision-making process throughout the information system lifecycle. Risk assessment of software systems aids in planning, implementation and adoption stages and helps identify potential problems before they occur. This study utilized a qualitative case study method and an interview design for data collection to gather, organize and make sense of key stakeholders’ perceptions of risk for decision making in the implementation of a new department-wide computerized system. Top stakeholder risks identified include executive sponsorship support; adoption of the new technologies and processes; and interoperability. The results of the analysis of perceptions of risks allowed the organization and the team responsible for the implementation of the new system to make decisions about mitigating strategies aligned with stakeholders’ expectations; forecast potential issues within the implementation timeline based on activities associated with identified risks; and make implementation and process decisions based upon the risk assessment. This study extends the research on IT risk management and decision making by demonstrating the utility and efficacy of a qualitative case study method for eliciting the information needed from stakeholders in order to make decisions regarding system implementation, specifically in an organization that lacks the appropriate risk management maturity level to conduct an exhaustive quantitative analysis of risks associated with the project.
Assessment & Evaluation, Decision Making, Information Systems, Qualitative Interviews, Risk Management
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