Community Health Workers as Innovators: Methods and Results from a Tele-Education Pilot for Community Health Workers in Detroit, Michigan

Prentiss, Tyler
Tamler, Ilyssa
Plum, Alex
Parke, Dana
Zervos, John
Tanniru, Mohan
Sears, Michele Harrison
White, Monica
Wisdom, Kimberlydawn
Kaljee, Linda
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Community health workers (CHWs) have played an important role in improving the health of underserved populations in resource-limited settings. CHWs are trusted in communities that they serve, and are often able to see solutions to community problems that outside persons cannot. Solutions need to be low cost and easily accessible, and address the knowledge gaps among CHWs through appropriate training. Utilizing information technology solutions can be key to increasing access to knowledge for these community agents. This paper outlines the methods and results from a pilot study of the Community Health Innovator Program performed in Detroit, Michigan with a group of community health workers in basic grant-writing training, utilizing an information technology platform. The results will be discussed as a larger response to growing issues in global health and how such platforms can be used and adapted in response to ever-evolving global health challenges.
Community health, Detroit Public Health Pilot Study, Global health care, Innovation Platform, Knowledge gaps
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