One-click Application Deployment - An Approach for Automated Deployment of Instantiable Cross-platform Mobile Applications

Arz Von Straussenburg, Arnold
Chasin, Friedrich
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Deployment of cross-platform mobile applications remains a task almost exclusively performed by application developers. Even with applications that are instantiated multiple times as stand-alone configured versions of a same application for different clients or purposes, the deployment requires organizations to allocate developers’ time and know-how to navigate the complex process of submitting application instances to different platforms. We extend the body of knowledge on cross-platform applications, which is currently dominated by literature covering aspects of application development, with a dedicated approach for cross-platform application deployment. Our approach enables non-technical roles in an organization to trigger a ‘one-click’ workflow for deploying instantiable cross-platform applications and applies to various scenarios in which stand-alone configurations of the same applications are required. The approach spurs academic inquiries into application deployment and has practical implications for organizations that want to streamline their application deployment, reduce required resources, and improve deployment efficiency.
Software Development for Mobile Devices, the Internet-of-Things, and Cyber-Physical Systems, app, application, cross-platform, deployment, mobile
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