A Systematic Mapping Study of Access Control in the Internet of Things

Muthusamy Ragothaman, Kaushik Nagarajan
Wang, Yong
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Internet of Things (IoT) provide wide range of services in both domestic and industrial environments. Access control plays a crucial role as to granting access rights to users and devices when an IoT device is connected to a network. Over the years, traditional access control models such as RBAC and ABAC have been extended to the IoT. Additionally, several other approaches have also been proposed for the IoT. This research performs a systematic mapping study of the research that has been conducted on the access control in the IoT. Based on the formulated search strategy, 1,617 articles were collected and screened for review. The systematic mapping study conducted in the paper answers three research questions regarding the access control in the IoT, i.e., what kind of access control related concerns have been raised in the IoT so far? what kind of solutions have been presented to improve access control in the IoT? what kind of research gaps have been identified in the access control research in the IoT? To the best of our knowledge, this is the first systematic mapping study performed on this topic.
Internet of Things Security: CyberAssurance for Edge, Software Defined, and Fog Computing Systems, access control, access management, internet of things, iot, smart things
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