Selfies of Twitter Data Stream through the Lens of Information Theory: A Comparative Case Study of Tweet-trails with Healthcare Hashtags

Zhang, Yuan
Chang, Hsia-Ching
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Little research in information system has been carried out on the subject of user’s choice of different components when composing a tweet through the analytical lens of information theory. This study employs a comparative case study approach to examine the use of hashtags of medical-terminology versus lay-language in tweet-trails and (1) introduces a novel H(x) index to reveal the complexity in the statistical structure and the variety in the composition of a tweet-trail, (2) applies radar graph and scatter plot as intuitive data visualization aids, and (3) proposes a methodological framework for structural analysis of Twitter data stream as a supplemental tool for profile analysis of Twitter users and content analysis of tweets. This systematic framework is capable of unveiling patterns in the structure of tweet-trails and providing quick and preliminary snap shots (selfies) of Twitter data stream because it’s an automatic and objective approach which requires no human intervention.
Personal Health Management and Technologies, data visualization, entropy, information theory, structural analysis, Twitter
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