Technology pillars for digital transformation of cities based on open software architecture for end2end data streaming

Mazurek, Cezary
Stroinski, Maciej
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The goal of the paper is to expose the pillars of urban digital infrastructure and their role in the development of smart and data driven applications in the e2e model. Today, no one contests the need for a general-purpose infrastructure in the city that improves the quality of life with respect to various types of socio-economic activity of residents. However, the digital aspect of fostering this kind of activity is linked to a very dynamic and ubiquitous element of technology, and the quality and stability of solutions based on advanced technology is a key parameter of the quality of life and development that a city should provide to its residents. This pace of technology development means that our environment (including cities) are subject to a process of continuous digital transformation. Starting from examples of such transformation and top-trends in technology development, we focus on transformation pillars that can ensure sustainable growth of innovation supply in a city. We give three examples of platforms designed for City of Poznan. We conclude that a key factor benefiting this multidimensional transformation process is the provision of an open, data-transmission and processing infrastructure with the support of which all smart city stakeholders can pursue their social, scientific, economic, or political goals in a sustainable manner.
Smart (City) and Data Streaming Application Development: Challenges and Experiences, cyber infrastructure, data streaming, digital twins, smart cities
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