Technology Use in Managing the Nutrition Health of Older Adults: A Scoping Review Lobuono, Dara Milovich, Michael 2022-12-27T19:06:01Z 2022-12-27T19:06:01Z 2023-01-03
dc.description.abstract Technology improvements for health care may enable nutritional health management for older adults. Research has yet to map the types of technology utilized to manage nutrition. This scoping review includes research in technology and nutrition to: (1) explain how technology is used to manage the nutrition needs of older adults; (2) describe the types of technology used to manage nutrition. The literature period was 21 years, but 86 percent of the papers retained were published within the past five years. The most common type of technology used is software, which is used to: (1) track, plan, and execute nutrition management and (2) assess technology use. The findings show that software for older adults lacks standardization. The internet of things is a promising area for research, and personal devices emphasize the tablet computer. The results suggest that managing older adult nutrition through technology is not yet a formable research area.
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dc.identifier.doi 10.24251/HICSS.2023.357
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dc.subject Digital Innovations for the Aging Society
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dc.title Technology Use in Managing the Nutrition Health of Older Adults: A Scoping Review
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