Reconfigurable liquid-metal RF devices for wireless communications

Morishita, Andy Masahiro
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[Honolulu] : [University of Hawaii at Manoa], [December 2014]
With the popularity and advancing capabilities of wireless communication technology, there is a great need for radio frequency (RF) front end components to be able to be reconfigure its characteristics. These reconfigurable devices would allow future communication systems to operate in di↵erent conditions such as wide or multi-band frequencies, and to change other characteristics that satisfy the growing needs of users and developers. This thesis focuses on the development of liquid metal technology by implementing three types of RF and microwave devices for reconfigurable wireless communication applications. The three types of devices described include two antennas, a balun, and an amplifier. The liquid metal is actuated using pressure or electric actuation. The devices were designed, tested, and characterized and show promising development and use for future reconfigurable architectures.
M.S. University of Hawaii at Manoa 2014.
Includes bibliographical references.
wireless communications
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