Legumes of the Hawaiian Ranges

Hosaka, E.Y.
Ripperton, J.C.
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University of Hawaii
The number of leguminous forage species found in pastures throughout the Hawaiian Islands is large, owing to the wide range in climatic conditions. At low elevations tropical species predominate, but at higher elevations many of the most desirable temperate zone pasture legumes are found. Despite the number of adapted species, legumes do not form an important part of most pasture swards. Nearly all of the forage legumes have been introduced, and limited distribution is due in part to sporadic planting and relatively slow natural spreading. Many attempts by ranchers to establish legumes have failed, and the conclusion has often been reached that it is impractical to maintain them in tropical pastures. This bulletin was intended to counter the dearth of information regarding pasture legumes in the tropics.
rangelands, forage legumes, Hawaii
Hosaka EY, Ripperton JC. 1944. Legumes of the Hawaiian ranges. Honolulu (HI): Hawaii Agricultural Experiment Station, University of Hawaii. 80 p. (Bulletin No 93).
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