Incorporating Learning Outcome Assessments into Noncredit Education: A Novel Approach

von Doetinchem, Sandra
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Quantitative assessments in noncredit education typically evaluate participant’s satisfaction or experiences with courses and the instructor. Learning outcomes are usually not assessed. However, conducting learning outcome assessments and ensuring student learning not only for credit, but also for noncredit education appears crucial considering that noncredit education is increasingly gaining importance in our current and future workforce. For example, employers increasingly focus on skills rather than degrees and rapidly changing technologies and workforce demands require employees to quickly adapt to these changes with the help of, e.g., ongoing professional development opportunities and lifelong learning activities. In light of these changes, this poster highlights a suggestion on how learning outcome assessments can be incorporated into noncredit education.
student learning outcomes, Surveys
von Doetinchem, S. (2021, April). Incorporating learning outcome assessments into noncredit education: A novel approach. Poster session presented at the Assessment for Curricular Improvement Poster Exhibit at the University of Hawai’i at Mānoa, Honolulu, HI.
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