Vitamin Values of Foods in Hawaii Miller, Carey D. Louis, Lucille Yanazawa, Kisako 2015-07-01T02:18:17Z 2015-07-01T02:18:17Z 1947-09
dc.description Many of the data on the vitamin content of foods grown, used, and/or produced in Hawaii which are given in this bulletin were first published in mimeographed form in April. 1942, by the Hawaii Agricultural Experiment Station, as Progress Notes No. 36 to make available information on local and semitropical foods that might be of use in connect ion with food planning during the war. Because of the many requests for these Notes, a revision with some additional data was published in June, 1944. This bulletin includes all data contained in Progress Notes No. 36, material that could not be included at that time, and material which has accumulated since.
dc.description.abstract In addition to many familiar American foods. there are available in Hawaii many foods of tropical and semitropical origin and foods characteristic of the diets of the racial groups which make up the population of the Islands. To provide information about the vitamin content of these foods, which are not included in published tables but which are of importance in local diets, and to determine the comparative vitamin value of fruits and vegetables produced locally with those produced elsewhere, a general survey of the vitamin values of foods in Hawaii was undertaken. The results of this survey are presented in this bulletin. Following a brief discussion of the vitamins and their importance in nutrition, and a statement of the methods used, the vitamin A, vitamin B1 (thiamine), and vitamin C (ascorbic acid) contents of a large number of foods are summarized in table form, with a brief discussion of the resuits. Results are also given for some detailed ascorbic acid studies and for a few foods tested for vitamin D. Detailed supporting data are included in the appendix.
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dc.identifier.citation Miller CD, Louis L, Yanazawa K. 1947. Vitamin values of foods in Hawaii. Honolulu (HI): Hawaii Agricultural Experiment Station, University of Hawaii. 56 p. (Technical Bulletin; 6)
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dc.publisher Hawaii Agricultural Experiment Station, University of Hawaii
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dc.title Vitamin Values of Foods in Hawaii
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