Review of Online intercultural exchange: Policy, pedagogy, practice Luo, Han Gui, Min 2018-01-31T19:18:18Z 2018-01-31T19:18:18Z 2018-02-01
dc.description.abstract Online intercultural exchange (OIE), also known as telecollaboration, is defined as “the activity of engaging language learners in interaction and collaborative project work with partners from other cultures through the use of online communication tools such as e-mail, videoconferencing, and discussion forums” (O’Dowd, 2007, p. 4). Research on OIE has flourished in the past 20 years, evidenced by a large number of journal articles, dedicated journal special issues (e.g., Belz, 2003; Lewis, Chanier, & Youngs, 2011), and edited volumes (Belz & Throne, 2006; Dooly, 2008; Dooly & O’Dowd, 2012; Guth & Helm, 2010; O’Dowd, 2007; Warschauer, 1995, 1996; Warschauer & Kern, 2000). Compared to other edited volumes on telecollaboration in the market, this book provides a state-of-the-art overview of OIE and focuses on its use in university education around the world. This 17-chapter edited volume consists of five parts: an overview of OIE (Part I), the integration of OIE in university education (Part II), the pedagogy of OIE (Part III), OIE in practice (Part IV), and the future of OIE (Part V).
dc.identifier.citation Luo, H., & Gui, M. (2018). Review of Online intercultural exchange: Policy, pedagogy, practice.
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dc.identifier.issn 1094-3501
dc.publisher University of Hawaii National Foreign Language Resource Center
dc.publisher Michigan State University Center for Language Education and Research
dc.title Review of Online intercultural exchange: Policy, pedagogy, practice
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