Application for authority to construct geothermal wells : Kilauea Middle East Rift Zone

True/Mid-Pacific Geothermal Venture
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True/Mid-Pacific Geothermal Venture
Estate of James Campbell Property TMK 1-2-10:3
Attached: "Estimates of air quality for the Wao Kele Geothermal Project" by Anders Daniels and Thomas Shroeder, December 9, 1985
"In accordance with reference (a), a permit was issued to Estate of James Campbell, in turn assigned to True/Mid-Pacific Geothermal Venture, authorizing geothermal development activities to be conducted along a segment of the Kilauea east rift zone, Puna District, Island of Hawaii, TMK 1-2-10:3. The Decision and Order authorized exploration and development of geothermal resources to a level that would produce 100 MW of geothermal generated electricity. 2. Development will progress incrementally beginning with the exploration phase on which this authority to construct application is based. This exploration phase will consist of the sequential drilling of up to 12 deep wells over a period of 20-24 months. Each successful well will be vented to the atmosphere (unabated) for up to 8 hours to clear the well bore, and subsequently flow-tested for 30-45 days using appropriate pollutant and noise abatement systems."
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True/Mid-Pacific Geothermal Venture. 1988. Application for authority to construct geothermal wells : Kilauea Middle East Rift Zone. (HI): True/Mid-Pacific Geothermal Venture.
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