Complex Problem Solving through Human-AI Collaboration: Literature Review on Research Contexts

Memmert, Lucas
Bittner, Eva
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Solving complex problems has been proclaimed as one major challenge for hybrid teams of humans and artificial intelligence (AI) systems. Human-AI collaboration brings immense opportunities in these complex tasks, in which humans struggle, but full automation is also impossible. Understanding and designing human-AI collaboration for complex problem solving is a wicked and multifaceted research problem itself. We contribute to this emergent field by reviewing to what extent existing research on instantiated human-AI collaboration already addresses this challenge. After clarifying the two key concepts (complex problem solving and human-AI collaboration), we perform a systematic literature review. We extract research contexts and assess them considering different complexity features. We thereby provide an overview of existing and guidance for designing new, suitable research contexts for studying complex problem solving through human-AI collaboration and present an outlook for further work on this research challenge.
Collaboration with Intelligent Systems: Machines as Teammates, complex problem solving, human ai collaboration, human ai teaming, hybrid intelligence, literature review
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