Production Requirements of the Transgenic Papayas 'UH Rainbow' and 'UH SunUp' Nishina, Melvin S. DFerreira, Stephen J. Manshardt, Richard M. Cavaletto, Catherine G. Llantero, Emerson Mochida, Loren Perry, Delan 2009-09-11T22:45:11Z 2009-09-11T22:45:11Z 1998-04
dc.description.abstract This publication is designed to accompany the video that must be viewed as part of the licensing process for anyone wishing to purchase seed of transgenic papaya cultivars. It describes the transformed University of Hawai‘i cultivars, their cultivation and marketing concerns, and addresses questions about food safety.
dc.format.extent 4 pages
dc.identifier.citation Nishina MS, Ferreira SJ, Manshardt RM, Cavaletto CG, Llantero E, Mochida L, Perry D. 1998. Production requirements of the transgenic papayas 'UH Rainbow' and 'UH SunUp'. Honolulu (HI): University of Hawaii. 4 p. (New Plants for Hawaii; NPH-2).
dc.language.iso en-US
dc.publisher University of Hawaii
dc.relation.ispartofseries 2
dc.relation.ispartofseries New Plants for Hawaii
dc.subject Carica papaya
dc.subject transgenic plants
dc.subject Hawaii
dc.title Production Requirements of the Transgenic Papayas 'UH Rainbow' and 'UH SunUp'
dc.type Article
dc.type.dcmi Text
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