OSS for the Shoestring Budget: the Streetprint Engine at the University of Hawaii at Manoa

Chantiny, Martha
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The streetprint.org web site declares: "Far too often, digital collections and archives are hampered by technological barriers, electronic gates and subscriptions, or clunky interfaces. Just as frequently, researchers (and many other groups) aren't able to create digital collections at all — the financial and technologies barriers are too great. [...] Our goal is to make formerly inaccessible and ephemeral texts and artifacts available to the widest possible audience, fulfilling the promise of the Internet and bringing information "back to the streets." http://www.crcstudio.arts.ualberta.ca/streetprintorg/about.php The UHM Library has found that the motto of the Streetprint creators is true. For our needs, it IS the"most user-friendly free software solution for showcasing, teaching, and archiving popular print and countless other kinds of collections and artifacts online." This presentation will describe the educational and fun things we have been able to accomplish using Streetprint on an almost-zero budget. If it is technologically feasible, the presentation will include live connections to the public and under-development sites.
Presented at the 10th LITA National Forum in Denver, Colorado, October 2007
Open source software, Digital libraries
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