Evidence of Parental and/or Sibling Manipulation in Three Species of Termites in Hawaii (Isoptera)

Myles, Timothy G.
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Hawaiian Entomological Society
Wing pad and leg scars are reported to occur on three of the four species of termites found in Hawaii: Cryptotermes brevis (Walker), Incisitermes immigrans (Snyder), and Neotermes connexus Snyder (Kalotermitidae). Such scars were not found on Coptotermes formosanus Shiraki (Rhinotermitidae). The nature, placement and frequency of scars all support the view that such scars are inflicted by nestmates and are not due to physical accidents or attacks by heterospecifics. These are the first records of nestmate manipulation for all three genera and the first such records for the Oceanic region. This is also the first report of manipulation by leg biting and the first report of leg regeneration in the Isoptera. Scarring appears to be the determinative event in pseudo-worker differentiation in many lower termites.
Myles TG. 1986. Evidence of parental and/or sibling manipulation in three species of termites in Hawaii (Isoptera). Proc Hawaiian Entomol Soc 27:129-136.
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