Integrating Data and Service Lifecycle for Smart Service Systems Engineering: Compilation of a Lifecycle Model for the Data Ecosystem of Smart Living

Kortum, Henrik
Rebstadt, Jonas
Hagen, Simon
Thomas, Oliver
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In smart service systems engineering, where actors rely on the mutual exchange of data to create complex and holistic solutions, integration is crucial. Nevertheless, the management of data as a driving resource still lacks organizational structure. There is no holistic lifecycle approach that integrates data and service lifecycle and adopts a cross-actor perspective. Especially in data ecosystems, where sovereign actors depend on the mutual exchange of data to create complex, but transparent service systems, an integration is of crucial importance. This particularly applies to the smart living domain, where different industries, products and services interact in a complex environment. In this paper we address this shortcoming by proposing an integrated model that covers the different relevant lifecycles based on a systematic literature review and supplement it by concrete domain requirements from the smart living ecosystem obtained through semi-structured expert interviews.
Smart Service Systems Design, artificial intelligence, data ecosystems, lifecycle, smart living, smart service systems
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