Let’s Get in Touch - Decision Making about Enterprise Architecture Using 3D Visualization in Augmented Reality

Rehring, Kevin
Greulich, Malte
Bredenfeld, Laurenz
Ahlemann, Frederik
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Making informed decisions about historically grown and often complex business and Information Technology (IT) landscapes can be particularly difficult. Enterprise Architecture Management (EAM) addresses this issue by enabling stakeholders to base their decisions on relevant information about the organization’s current and future Enterprise Architectures (EAs). However, visualization of EA is often confronted with low usefulness perceptions. Informed by the cognitive fit theory (CFT), we argue that decision-makers benefit from interacting with EA visualizations using Augmented Reality (AR), because it enables a consistent task-related mental representation based on the natural use of decision-makers’ visual-spatial abilities. The goal of this paper is to demonstrate ARs suitability for EA-related decision-making. We follow the design science research (DSR) approach to develop and evaluate an AR head-mounted display (HMD) prototype, using the Microsoft HoloLens. Our results suggest that EA-related decision-making can profit from applying AR, but users find the handling of the HMD device cumbersome.
Mixed, Augmented and Virtual Reality: Co-designed Services and Applications, Decision Analytics, Mobile Services, and Service Science, Enterprise Architecture Visualization, Augmented Reality, Design Science Research, Cognitive Fit Theory
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