Interactive Videos vs. Hypertext Documents – The Effect on Learning Quality and Time Effort when Acquiring Procedural Knowledge

Keller, Alexander
Langbauer, Michael
Fritsch, Thomas
Lehner, Franz
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The use of information systems and the rise of new learning concepts have changed the way individuals are acquiring knowledge in organizational, educational and private contexts. Recently, video tutorials have become a widely-used instrument for learning and successful platforms emerged, offering massive open online courses based on video content. With the existence of different learning technologies the question arises: How these media formats affect the learning performance of individuals? We introduce interactive videos as a new media format and compare this technology to hypertext documents in an educational context. Our results from an experiment with 130 participants reveal that the learning quality can be significantly increased when interactive videos are used to acquire procedural knowledge. However, we did not observe any effect on time effort.
Advances in Teaching and Learning Technologies, Collaboration Systems and Technologies, learning performance, interactive video tutorials, procedural knowledge
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