Open Co-creation Coming of Age: the Case of an Open Services Experiment

Danneels, Lieselot
Viaene, Stijn
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Co-creation has mostly been studied in the context of a single firm and in dyadic relationships, but much less in environments with multiple parties. In this article, we focus on open IT-based co-creation - a phenomenon at the intersection of co-creation, open innovation, and platform literature - and the organizational capabilities required to get the most out of it. We do this by investigating the revelatory case of a public employment service that opened internal IT services through co-creation with external organizations. Based on an embedded case study, we aim to explore the capabilities that help public services and their partners to be successful at open IT-based co-creation. In this research in progress, we focus primarily on the research design and already share some preliminary results.
Government Transformation and Digitalization: Governance, Organization, and Management, Co-creation, Open innovation, Open service, Technological platform
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