Social-Technical Issues in Organizational Information Technologies Minitrack

This minitrack focuses on information systems research areas impacting the intersection of humans and technology in an organizational context. Social issues related to organizational information technologies (IT) represents one of the most often discussed underpinnings in information systems research throughout the tenure of the IS field. Social issues are those research topics most aligned with the human factor in terms of information systems planning, development, implementation, and utilization.

This minitrack includes all aspects of social issues that are impacted by information technologies affecting organizations and inter-organizational structures. This would include the conceptualization of specific social issues and their associated constructs, empirical validation of social models, and case studies illustrating socialization success and failures.

Authors are invited to submit papers that address social issues and IT in organizations, but not necessarily limited to the following:

  • Organizational Culture and identity issues
    • Politics
    • Developing trust
    • Power asymmetry
    • Social barriers
    • Social environments
    • Cultural values and norms
    • Social capital
    • Acculturation
    • Organizational identity and major changes (ex. Outsourcing, Mergers and Acquisitions)
  • Relationship issues
    • Development partnerships
    • Group cohesiveness
    • Collaboration
    • Group facilitation
    • Networking
    • Buyer-supplier linkages
  • Human Interaction issues
    • Recruitment and retention
    • Assessment and evaluation
    • Motivation
    • Social presence
    • Asynchronous learning networks
    • Leadership
    • Organizational champions
  • Diversity in the IT Workforce
    • Diversity in virtual IT teams
    • Educational initiatives for increased diversity in the IT workforce
    • Gender and IT
    • Ethnicity and IT
    • Age and IT
    • Diverse perspectives in the IT workforce
    • The Digital Divide
    • The Role of Community Technology Centers and Churches in Our Communities
    • Information Technology as a Means for Increasing Social Capital
    • Beyond Gender: Race, Sexual Orientation, Age, Education, and Socio-Economic
    • Differences in organizations
    • Community Informatics
    • Cultural Customs Meet IT Research: Thinking In a New Box

The types of studies that would be welcomed by this minitrack would include, but would not be limited to research papers (conceptual, theoretical, and empirical) as well as case studies, research-in-progress, and best practices/lessons learned.

Minitrack Co-Chairs:

Michael Knight (Primary Contact)
Texas A&M - Kingsville

Dawn Medlin
Appalachian State University

Dragos Vieru
University of Quebec

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