Entrepreneurship and Knowledge Management Minitrack

Entrepreneurship is often synonymous with invention, flexibility, adaptability and innovation "on the fly." The dynamic nature of entrepreneurial ventures and start-ups makes it difficult for innovators to focus on knowledge management throughout the entrepreneurship process (innovation, triggering event, implementation and growth). The innovation stage calls for agility and, in highly technical and competitive industries, "tacit" knowledge sharing or "secrecy" until a patent on the invention is issued. The intermediate stages (triggering and implementation) are often characterized by business plans, presentations to potential angel investors, networking and outreach, and are less suited for knowledge capture, codification and transfer. Finally, the growth stage requires the entrepreneurial team to focus on processes, systems and codification to guarantee that the business becomes less dependent on the "whims" of the innovator but is able to become a larger organization. Explicit knowledge, rather than transfer of tacit knowledge is key in this stage. This minitrack welcomes research, cases and empirical evidence on the role that early integration of knowledge management principles and information systems may play in facilitating entrepreneurial enterprises and their longevity.

Potential topics that the minitrack will address are:

  • Knowledge management and entrepreneurial enterprises
  • Tools and techniques for knowledge management in start-up and small enterprises
  • Knowledge management systems in support of entrepreneurship
  • Knowledge creation and innovation in entrepreneurship
  • Knowledge management and social entrepreneurship
  • Digital entrepreneurship (high tech innovations and products) and knowledge management integration
  • Digital collaboration and knowledge exchanges in entrepreneurial networks
  • Business incubators and knowledge creation and transfer
  • Incubators and maker spaces as hubs for knowledge creation
  • The role of universities in facilitating entrepreneurial growth

Minitrack Co-Chairs:

Katia Passerini (Primary Contact)
St. John's University
Email: passerik@stjohns.edu

Michael Bartolacci
Penn State University - Berks
Email: mrb24@psu.edu

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