Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis and Support Systems Minitrack

Most decisions involve multiple objectives. A decision alternative is chosen based on a multitude of often-conflicting decision criteria, and a solution is sought that provides the best compromise with respect to these various desired objectives. Multi-criteria decision-making (MCDM), over the last forty years, has become an established field of research, with extensive theory, a wide choice of solution methods, and a number of available computer-based decision support packages. Many general software tools, such as linear programming packages and electronic spreadsheets that do not implement specific MCDM techniques, can also be used to analyze multi-criteria problems. Multi-criteria decision support (MCDSS) may focus on various stages of the decision making process, from problem exploration and structuring, to discovering the decision-maker’s preferences and the most preferred compromise solution.

Though some MCDSS are commercially marketed packages, many more are experimental software developed to demonstrate the salient points of a proposed solution method. In assessing MCDSS, it is important to consider not only the technology (i.e., computer hardware and software, and underlying algorithms) aspects, but also the role of the decision-maker in the solution process, and the usability of the system.

The International Society on Multiple Criteria Decision Making is the primary academic and professional organization focused on MCDM, and the bi-annual International Conference on MCDM sponsored by this organization is the primary conference dealing with this topic area. However, this organization and conference focus primarily on the underlying theory and on methodological aspects of the field, rather than on systems or technology designed to support decision-making. The Hawaii International Conference on Systems Sciences appears to be a most suitable outlet for research focusing on the application of technology and systems to multi-criteria decision-making.

Possible topics for this minitrack may include:

  • Success factors for MCDSS
  • The role of the decision-maker in effective multi-criteria decision support
  • Case studies of multi-criteria decision support
  • Design of technology for specific aspects or phases of multi-criteria decision support
  • Decision support for project selection
  • Decision support for specific applications domains (e.g. health care)
  • Classifications of decision problems and solution technology
  • Tools and techniques for multi-criteria portfolio selection
  • Solution approaches to special types of decision problems involving conflicting objectives
  • Quality and types of data in multi-criteria decision support

Minitrack Co-Chairs:

Rakesh Sarin (Primary Contact)
University of California Los Angeles

H. Roland Weistroffer
Virginia Commonwealth University

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