ConTaaS: An Approach to Internet-Scale Contextualisation for Developing Efficient Internet of Things Applications

Yavari, Ali
Jayaraman, Prem Prakash
Georgakopoulos, Dimitrios
Nepal, Surya
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The Internet of Things (IoT) is a new internet evolution that involves connecting billions of sensors and other devices to the Internet. Such IoT devices or IoT things can communicate directly. They also allow Internet users and applications to access and distil their data, control their functions, and harness the information and functionality provided by multiple IoT devices to offer novel smart services. IoT devices collectively generate massive amounts of data with an incredible velocity. Processing IoT device data and distilling high-value information from them presents an Internet-scale computational challenge. Contextualisation of IoT data can help improve the value of information extracted from IoT. However, existing contextualisation techniques can only handle small datasets from a modest number of IoT devices. In this paper, we propose a general-purpose architecture and related techniques for the contextualisation of IoT data. In particular, we introduce a Contextualisation-as-a-Service (ConTaaS) architecture that incorporates scalability improving techniques, as well as a proof-of-concept implementation of all these that utilises elastic cloud-based infrastructure to achieve near real-time contextualisation of IoT data. Experimental evaluations validating the efficiency of ConTaaS are also provided in this paper.
Big Data, Context-aware, Contextualisation, Internet of Things, Scalability
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