Japanese Literature Translations by Yoshiko K. Dykstra


Translator's introduction

The purpose of my translation projects is to introduce primary sources of Japanese writings covering literature, history, art and art history, philosophy, and religion which have not already been published in English.

Yoshiko Kurata Dykstra,

translator and editor, was born in Nishinomiya near Nara and Kyoto, received her Ph.D from UCLA and taught for eight years as a lecturer at UC Berkeley. From 1978 until the spring of 2006 she taught at Kansaigaidai University in Oaka. In the fall of 2006 she was a Numata professor at University of Hawaii, Manoa. Her translations include Miraculous Tales of the Lotus Sutra from Ancient Japan, The Konjaku Tales, and The Clan Records.

Copyright statement: 2007 Yoshiko K. Dykstra. No part of these translations may be changed or altered without permission in writing from the translator.

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