Public access to research data in language documentation: Challenges and possible strategies

Seyfeddinipur, Mandana
Ameka, Felix
Bolton, Lissant
Blumtritt, Jonathan
Carpenter, Brian
Cruz, Hilaria
Drude, Sebastian
Epps, Patience L.
Ferreira, Vera
Galucio, Ana Vilacy
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University of Hawaii Press
The Open Access Movement promotes free and unfettered access to research publications and, increasingly, to the primary data which underly those publications. As the field of documentary linguistics seeks to record and preserve culturally and linguistically relevant materials, the question of how openly accessible these materials should be becomes increasingly important. This paper aims to guide researchers and other stakeholders in finding an appropriate balance between accessibility and confidentiality of data, addressing community questions and legal, institutional, and intellectual issues that pose challenges to accessible data.
Open Access, informed consent, archiving, language documentation
Seyfeddinipur, Mandana, Felix Ameka, Lissant Bolton, Jonathan Blumtritt, Brian Carpenter, Hilaria Cruz, Sebastian Drude, Patience L. Epps, Vera Ferreira, Ana Vilacy Galucio, Brigit Hellwig, Oliver Hinte, Gary Holton, Dagmar Jung, Irmgarda Kasinskaite Buddeberg, Manfred Krifka, Susan Kung, Miyuki Monroig, Ayu'nwi Ngwabe Neba, Sebastian Nordhoff, Brigitte Pakendorf, Kilu von Prince, Felix Rau, Keren Rice, Michael Riessler, Vera Szoelloesi Brenig, Nick Thieberger, Paul Trilsbeek, Hein van der Voort, & Tony Woodbury. 2019. Public access to research data in language documentation: Challenges and possible strategies. Language Documentation & Conservation 13: 545-563.
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