New Species and Notes on Marine Algae from Hawai'i

Abbott, Isabella A.
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University of Hawaii Press
Five new species are described: one in the brown algal genus Padina and four in the red algal genera Hypoglossum, Spirocladia, Micropeuce, and Laurencia. Padina melemele Abbott & Magruder differs from known Padina species because of extremely strong calcification on the ventral surface and a bright yellow color on the dorsal surface. Hypoglossum wynnei Abbott differs from other species of Hypoglossum in Hawai'i in having divided, ribbonlike segments and small, discrete sporangial sori. Spirocladia hodgsoniae Abbott shows distinctive holdfasts where proliferation of cortical cells connects decumbentaxes and erect filaments. Micropeuce setosus Abbott is a minute species collected at 72 m depth, showing conspicuous bristlelike trichoblasts on each tetrasporangial segment. Laurencia mcdermidiae Abbott joins a number of species of Laurencia marked by their bright green color, ordinarily pink or red in other species. Dudresnaya littleri Abbott is proposed as a new name for D. lubrica Littler [non D. lubrica (Lyngbye) Trevisan], and taxonomic notes are given on Trichogloea species. Halymenia maculata J. Agardh, Predaea laciniosa Kraft, Cubiculosporum koronicarpis Kraft, and Kallymenia sessilis Okamura are given as new records.
Abbott IA. 1996. New species and notes on marine algae from Hawai'i. Pac Sci 50(2): 142-156.
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