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Title: Marine Algae of the Northwest Hawaiian Islands 
Author: Abbott, Isabella A.
Date: 1989-07
Publisher: University of Hawaii Press
Citation: Abbott IA. 1989. Marine algae of the northwest Hawaiian Islands. Pac Sci 43(3): 223-233.
Abstract: Reexamination of some previous collections of marine algae
from the Northwest Hawaiian Islands (NWHI), also known as the Leeward
Hawaiian Islands, and the addition of more recent collections have resulted in
recognition of 48 taxa of Chlorophyta (green algae), with eight new records for
the NWHI; 33 taxa of Phaeophyta (brown algae), with seven new records; and
124 species of Rhodophyta (red algae), of which 26 are new records for the NWHI.
Among the 41 new records, 14 taxa are newly reported for the entire Hawaiian
archipelago. Among the new records are Nemacystus decipiens, Halimeda copiosa,
and H. velasquezii and among the microscopic algae Crouania mageshimensis.
Total macroscopic marine flora consists of 205 taxa, a number close to
the 222 species known from Eniwetak in the northern Marshall Islands. Proportions
of greens and reds in the two places are markedly different, however, with
more green and fewer red species in Eniwetak.
ISSN: 0030-8870

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