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    Apply blockchain technology to electric vehicle battery refueling
    ( 2018-01-03) Hua, Song ; Zhou, Ence ; Pi, Bingfeng ; Sun, Jun ; Nomura, Yoshihide ; Kurihara, Hidetoshi
    Battery swapping is a solution of electric vehicle (EV) battery refueling. For EV owners, the battery information and transaction’s correctness, openness, traceability and immutability is difficult to get guarantee in traditional centralized system. The trust lacking between EV owners and swapping station is caused, and becomes a big challenge to EV’s rapid development. An objective mechanism based on decentralized blockchain system is proposed to manage battery swapping and solve the trust lacking issue. With this solution, both battery’s life-cycle information and all operations histories are permanently saved in blockchain network. All key logics are driven by smart contracts, the battery price calculation and the digital currency exchange between EV owners and station are realized by smart contracts automatically and accurately. A primary prototype based on Ethereum is analyzed and implemented to illustrate the feasibility of managing battery swapping and refueling based on blockchain system to solve the trust lacking issue.
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    Tribal Governance: The Business of Blockchain Authentication
    ( 2018-01-03) Miscione, Gianluca ; Ziolkowski, Rafael ; Zavolokina, Liudmila ; Schwabe, Gerhard
    The blockchain technology offers a novel mode of distributed authentication, which does not depend on a central authority. We consider this novelty against established governance modes. We illustrate our argument by paying special attention to blockchain-based authentication functions in the empirical domain of land registries across the world. Based on interviews with representatives from organizations deploying blockchain, and con-tent analysis of related grey literature, we discuss established governance idealtypes against what the rivalry that cryptocurrencies and blockchains bring to digital settings. After referring to market, hierarchy, network, and bazaar, we conclude outlining the prospects of a different, blockchain-related governance mode called -˜tribal’ that better captures the -˜togetherness’ which rivalry originates.
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    Blockchain Technology in Business Organizations: A Scoping Review
    ( 2018-01-03) Li, Yang ; Marier-Bienvenue, Thierry ; Perron-Brault, Alexis ; Wang, Xinyi ; Paré, Guy
    The scientific literature on blockchain technology is emerging but increasing rapidly. This review paper aims to provide a deeper understanding of the nature and scope of the extant literature on blockchain technology in the particular context of business organizations. To achieve our main objective, we searched five databases and screened 320 papers for inclusion. As a result of the search and screen process, we identified 39 relevant articles. Data coding was first pilot tested and then performed independently by two teams of researchers. All disagreements were reconciled by a third coder. Our findings reveal that most of the extant literature focuses on "how" blockchain technology works and, to a lesser extent, on the "what", i.e. its potential applications and usages in business organizations. For its part, the "why" question, which focuses on the organizational motivations for adopting blockchain technology, was scarcely discussed in prior literature. In short, our findings reveal that many issues and questions remain to be investigated. Based on a gap analysis, we propose a few promising avenues that shall guide future research efforts in this important topic.
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    Introduction to the Minitrack on Blockchain and Fintech
    ( 2018-01-03) Themistocleous, Marinos ; Morabito, Vincenzo ; de Cunha, Paulo Rupino