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This collection contains materials on the Lun Bawang (also called Lundayeh and formerly also Murut) language of Borneo, particularly the Kemaloh dialect, that form the basis of the depositor's doctoral dissertation, "The Kemaloh Lun Bawang Language of Borneo." Lun Bawang is an Austronesian language, a member of the Dayic (also variously called Apo Duat or Apad Uat) language group spoken in the highlands of Borneo on both sides of the Malaysia-Indonesia border. Data collection, funded by grants from the Bilinski Foundation, took place principally in and around Long Semadoh, on the headwaters of the Trusan River in Sarawak, Malaysia.

Items CM1-001 to CM1-003 are the author's main field notes, mostly from Long Semadoh, with a smattering of data from other locations, and mainly on the Kemaloh dialect, with occasional references to other dialects for comparative purposes. These items were collected across three separate field trips, in the summers of 2017 to 2019. Item CM1-004 is a smaller book containing data on about a dozen dialects (including Lun Bawang/Lundayeh, Sa'ban, Lengilu', and various others) of the Krayan River watershed on the Indonesian side of the border, collected during a one-week stay in Long Layu' and Long Bawan in the summer of 2019. Item CM1-005, recorded near Long Semadoh in summer 2017, is a short story about the mouse deer Tuk Pelanuk, a popular and comical character in traditional oral literature.

The reader is encouraged to use the depositor's doctoral dissertation in conjunction with these materials. As some degree of error is almost inevitable, especially in the early stages of data collection, some observations in these notebooks may have been corrected in later pages or books without the originals’ necessarily having being edited. Therefore, in the event of a conflict between portions of the field notes, the more recent source is to be presumed correct. In the event of any discrepancies between the dissertation and the field notes, the dissertation, which relies also on other sources and personal communications not included in these notes, should be presumed correct.


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    ( 2017-06-10) Mortensen, Christian ; Gerit Sinawat ; Balan Berauk ; Mortensen, Christian ; Berauk Taie
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    ( 2019-06-27) Mortensen, Christian ; Mortensen, Christian ; Lewi Gala' Paru ; Avalari Rosanta Lewi ; several anonymous
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    ( 2018-07-27) Mortensen, Christian ; Mortensen, Christian ; Besar Padan ; Samuel Daring ; Jonathan Labo ; Agong Taie ; Ganang Dawat ; Balan Berauk ; Berauk Taie
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    ( 2017-07-28) Mortensen, Christian ; Mortensen, Christian ; Balan Berauk ; Patrick Lakai