Software Product Lines and Platform Ecosystems: Engineering, Services, and Management

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    User Experience Design in Software Product Lines
    ( 2019-01-08) Harutyunyan, Nikolay ; Riehle, Dirk
    User experience design is an important part of software product development, and yet software product line engineering has largely ignored this topic. This paper presents a set of industry best practices for user experience design in software product lines. We conducted multiple-case case study research using two different product lines within the multinational company Siemens AG: in a healthcare software division and in an industrial automation software division. We performed a preliminary exploratory study that will serve as a baseline for future research in the design, implementation, and management of user experience design in the context of software product lines. Practitioners can use our findings and the resulting best practices to improve their user experience design, particularly within healthcare and industrial automation software product lines.
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    Detecting Important Terms in Source Code for Program Comprehension
    ( 2019-01-08) Rodeghero, Paige ; McMillan, Collin
    Software Engineering research has become extremely dependent on terms (words in textual data) extracted from source code. Different techniques have been proposed to extract the most "important'' terms from code. These terms are typically used as input to research prototypes: the quality of the output of these prototypes will depend on the quality of the term extraction technique. At present no consensus exists about which technique predicts the best terms for code comprehension. We perform a literature review, and propose a unified prediction model based on a Naive Bayes algorithm. We evaluate our model in a field study with professional programmers, as well as a standard 10-fold synthetic study. We found our model predicts the top quartile of the most-important terms with approximately 50% precision and recall, outperforming other popular techniques. We found the predictions from our model to help programmers to the same degree as the gold set.
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    DevOps Continuous Integration: Moving Germany’s Federal Employment Agency Test System into Embedded In-Memory Technology
    ( 2019-01-08) Sultanow, Eldar ; Chircu, Alina ; Jung, Andreas ; Blomenhofer, Martin ; Masson, Philippe
    This paper describes the development of a continuous integration database test architecture for a highly important and large software application in the public sector in Germany. We apply action design research and draw from two emerging areas of research – DevOps continuous integration practices and in-memory database development – to define the problem, design, build and implement the solution, analyze challenges encountered, and make adjustments. The result is the transformation of a large test environment originally based on Oracle databases into a flexible and fast embedded in-memory architecture. The main challenges involved overcoming the differences between the SQL specifications supported by the development and production systems and optimizing the test runtime performance. The paper contributes to theory and practice by presenting one of the first studies showing a real-world implementation of a successful database test architecture that enables continuous integration, and identifying technical design principles for database test architectures in general.
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