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    Proceedings: 29th Annual Hawaii Papaya Industry Association Conference
    (Hawaii Institute of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources, University of Hawaii, 1994) Chia, C.L. ; Evans, D.O.
    Conference papers include: Update on the papaya ringspot virus situation in Puna; Regulations governing papaya ringspot virus control; Papaya ringspot virus cross protection - an update; Update on genetically engineered PRV resistance; Patenting and licensing papaya cultivars?; Pesticides for use in papaya; Hamakua Coast - agriculture in transition; Papaya postharvest losses during marketing; Biological control of postharvest fruit pathogens in papaya; Papaya fungicide research update; Ecology of Batrocera latifrons populations in Hawaii; Papaya statistics; Federal Marketing Orders: their history and purpose; Inspection requirements for papayas.