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    5th Annual MHIRT E. Ho'oulu Haumana Ceremony
    ( 2018-08-10) Nerurkar, Vivek R. ; Nerurkar, Vivek R.

    MHIRT 2018 is in the fifth year of the program. During the first four years of the program, 38 students completed the program; conducted research in Cameroon, Thailand, Germany, Palau and India; and are now continuing their academic or professional careers. They are the best recruiting tool we have. This year, we were excited when a large number of students applied for the program. After a very competitive process, in January 2018 twelve students were selected. From the first meeting, it was clear that MHIRT 2018 students were bright, hardworking and full of energy. We have truly enjoyed working with them.

    The short-term goals of the MHIRT program are to provide each student with an intellectually stimulating research experience, an interesting culture exchange, and a safe return home from abroad. Over the last eight months, many people have contributed their time, talent, and expertise to ensure success of the MHIRT program. We send a huge MAHALO to the MHIRT students, the University of Hawai’i faculty mentors, the international mentors, the faculty who have participated in the pre- and post-travel workshops, and the staff for their organizational skills. But most of all, we want to thank the parents, families, and friends for their support. Without the support of the MHIRT families, this project would not be possible. I personally thank Dr. Angela Sy and Ms. Laarni Sumibcay for their hardwork in keeping the MHIRT program on track.

    The long-term goal of the program is to increase the number of under-represented scientists in biomedical research. E Ho’oulu Haumana summarizes our goals as the words essentially mean "the growth of students." The program seeks to provide MHIRT students with the help and encouragement they need as they transition from undergraduate students, to graduate students in the biomedical sciences, to future leaders in biomedical research. Although the students officially complete the program tonight, it doesn’t end here. We will continue to help the students conduct research in Hawai’i, provide advice on career options, and (of course) write letters of recommendation as MHIRT 2018 students enter the next phase of their career. We are sure everyone will enjoy watching the continued growth of our MHIRT 2018 students.