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    Weaving a Pacific Net... for Children, Youth and Families at Risk: Directory of Participating Collaborators for Years 1 and 2
    (Land Grant Institutions of the Pacific and ADAP Project, 1996-12)
    This publication contains the names, addresses, and contact numbers of those individuals who participated in, facilitated during, and contributed to the past two training conferences. This document is intended to serve as a Resource Tool for participants in order that they may maintain and further develop the collaborative networks formed.
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    Proceedings of the Workshop on Utilization of Soil and Plant Analysis for Sustainable Nutrient Management in the American Pacific (January 13-17, 1997; University of Guam)
    (Agricultural Development in the American Pacific Project and College of Life Sciences, University of Guam, 1998) Motavalli, P.P.
    The overall objective of the workshop is to increase regional communication and collaboration in developing sustainable plant nutrient management practices through increased use of soil and plant testing. Specific objectives of the workshop are: 1. To present information on soil resource evaluation and soil and plant testing. 2. To identify constraints to sustainable nutrient management in the region. 3. To promote regional collaboration in soil and plant testing and nutrient management. The schedule for the workshop has been divided into four principal sections: Soil Resources, Soil and Plant Testing, Plant Nutrient Management, and Future Collaboration. Regional representatives and growers in several important regional agricultural activities, such as farming. landscaping, and golf course maintenance, will also make presentations regarding plant nutrient management in their respective area. Presentations on regional fertilizer availability and Best Management Practices for plant nutrients will also be made.
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    1989 ADAP Crop Protection Conference Proceedings (University of Hawaii; Honolulu, Hawaii; 18-19 May 1989)
    (University of Hawaii, 1991-12) Johnson, Marshall W. ; Ullman, Diane E. ; Vargo, Agnes
    The overall purpose of the Crop Protection Conference was to provide crop protection researchers in the Pacific Basin an opportunity to share recent findings as well as provide a forum for issues of impending interest.
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    Proceedings: Second ADAP Crop Protection Conference (University of Guam; Mangilao, Guam; May 29-30, 1990)
    (Agricultural Development in the American Pacific Project, 1992-11) Schreiner, Ilse ; Nafus, Donald
    The goals of the conference were to report on progress in the joint projects and to facilitate information exchange between ADAP participants and crop protection personnel from outside island nations with similar problems. This document is the proceedings of this conference. It is intended to provide a formal record of information exchange that will be accessible to future workers in the region and to agricultural workers who could not attend.
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    Instructional Material Needs Assessment of Pacific Land Grant Institutions
    (Agricultural Development in the American Pacific Project, 1994-01) Harrington, Michael T.
    The primary objective of the Agriculture Instructional Materials Service (AIMS) is to coordinate the production, packaging for multiple uses, and distribution of targeted instructional materials for Pacific Land Grant institutions. The first issue confronting AIMS at the start of its plan of work was how to determine the instructional materials topics and subtopics of greatest need in the ADAP region. Second was the identification of detailed characteristics for these materials including; goals, learning outcomes, types of media, and end users of the product. The research reported here examines the regional responses from a two part methodology implemented to clarify these points.