Hawaiʻi Review, 2000

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    Hawaiʻi Review, Volume 23, Number 1
    (Honolulu, University of Hawaii, 2000) University of Hawai'i at Mānoa
    Contents: Rodhe, Dan - "European Exile." Samuel, Ralph David - "First Light." Flores, Rosa - "Saturday." Guppy, Stephen - "Sleeping Out." Rosencrantz, Moyshale - "Walking." Suarez, Virgil - "Prisoners Knelt at the Arsenal--Santiago de Cuba, 1889." Tseng, Jennifer - "Frowns with Fruit." O'Meara, John - "Knee Deep." Peterson, Lance - "Clerk." Guppy, Stephen - "Conspicuous Consumption." Sloan, Lynn L. - "Near Miss." Nath, Virendra - "Diwali from Far Away." Lynn, Ann - "Easter Egg Hunt: Daughter at Eight." Balaz, Joe - "Lapa Poi Boy." Sellers, Heather - "Widow's Peak." Hall, Leilani - "The Other Lesson." Crawford, Serena - "Marina." Shapiro, Michael - "At the Cathedral of St. John the Divine." Rayne, Alshaa T. - "Shifting Gears," "Oblique Necessities," "Apologies to Chance," "Kung Fu Baby," "Weather Report," "Turnaruond," "Quotation Marks," "Lotus." Hall, Leilani - "Mourner at the River." Schultz, Susan M. - "from Memory Cards." Davis, Christopher - "All Our Fingerprints Scraped Off." Sellers, Heather - "Florida Fifth Grade." Wright, Kirby - "Houdini." Murphy, Patrick J. - "Robbie's Day." Tseng, Jennifer - "The Bird Keeper." Suarez, Virgil - "Mercado--Madrid, 1972." Lynn, Ann - "Aprilis Is the Latin Word for Opening."