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    Comparison of Voluntary versus Mandatory Vaccine Discussions in Online Health Communities: A Text Analytics Approach
    ( 2021-01-05) Alazazi, Massara ; Wang, Bin
    Vaccines are vital health interventions. However, they are controversial and some people support them while others reject them. Social media discussion and big data are a rich source to understand people’s insights about different vaccines and the related topics that concern most of them. This study aims to explore the online discussions about mandatory and voluntary vaccines using text analysis techniques. Reddit social platform is popular in online health discussion and thus data from Reddit is analyzed. The results show that different aspects are discussed for different types of vaccines. The discussion of mandatory vaccines is more interactive and is focused on the risks associated with them. Voluntary vaccines’ discussion is focused on their effectiveness and whether to get them or not. The study have important implications for health agencies and researchers as well as for healthcare providers and caregivers.
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    Automated topic analysis for restricted scope health corpora: methodology and comparison with human performance
    ( 2021-01-05) Maeder, Anthony ; Tieman, Jennifer ; Naveda, Bertha ; Champion, Stephanie ; Agnew, Tamara
    This paper addresses the problem of identifying topics which describe information content, in restricted size sets of scientific papers extracted from publication databases. Conventional computational approaches, based on natural language processing using unsupervised classification algorithms, typically require large numbers of papers to achieve adequate training. The approach presented here uses a simpler word-frequency-based approach coupled with context modeling. An example is provided of its application to corpora resulting from a curated literature search site for COVID-19 research publications. The results are compared with a conventional human-based approach, indicating partial overlap in the topics identified. The findings suggest that computational approaches may provide an alternative to human expert topic analysis, provided adequate contextual models are available.
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    Introduction to the Minitrack on Text Analytics
    ( 2021-01-05) Cogburn, Derrick ; Hine, Michael ; Peladeau, Normand ; Yoon, Victoria