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    Site as System: Local to Global Ecologies
    (University of Hawaii at Manoa, 2018) Katzeman, John Aaron ; Faris, Jaimey Hamilton ; Art and Art History
    This essay will discuss the strategic uses of site-specificity in several recent environmental artworks in and around the city of Los Angeles. Since the early 2000s, artists have been responding to the city’s natural crises such as drought and air polluti
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    Skin Soma Psyche
    (University of Hawaii at Manoa, 2014-01-15) Alden, Mira ; Cohan, Charles ; Art
    I am fascinated by the function of metaphor in the construction of individual and collective meaning. Increasingly, I am intrigued by an intuitive process of working rather than the development and execution of a preconceived pattern or plan. My work generally does not contain a specific message that can be communicated literally. Rather content is generated through form, texture, and motion in physical and psychological spaces.
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    Reflections on the Gif
    (University of Hawaii at Manoa, 2014-01-15) Furtado, Trinette ; Art
    This paper describes the events and work surrounding my Honors thesis exhibit, which was shown in the Department of Art's Commons Gallery at the University of Hawai'i- Manoa from April 8th, 2001 to April 12th, 2001. The title of this thesis exhibit was "Reflections on the Gift", and the show consisted of six mixed media sculptural pieces, ten handmade fabric banners and over two hundred screen prints of five different quotes or koans that I selected. The sculptural pieces were chosen and crafted as gifts with specific recipients in mind as they were given away after the exhibit ended. The prints were gifts for anyone viewing the exhibit who felt 'attached' to a particular quote or koan; they were welcomed (through labels) to take a print if they liked. The banners were given to people who asked for them when the show closed and was taken down.
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    A Critical Analysis of the Euro-American Social, Political, and Economic Forces Affecting the History of Graphic Design
    (University of Hawaii at Manoa, 2014-01-15) Higa, Allison ; Art
    In every country and continent, from the ancient cave paintings on upwards through the centuries, artwork has been one of man' s devices for reflecting on his society. Whether it be a temple to glorify a god or an anti-war street theatre perfor­ mance, its artists are interacting with and respond­ ing to forces within their societies. Even a painting which seems to have no inherent message at all still cannot escape the era in which it's made.
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    Creativity as Actualized Potential
    (University of Hawaii at Manoa, 2014-01-15) Kohara, Kimberly ; Preble, Duane ; Art
    As an art student, I am confronted daily with what feels like the inadequacy of my creative powers. I realized that this inadequacy stemmed in part from my imprecise knowledge of creativity. This paper gave me the opportunity to clarify the meaning of the word and resulted in a broader understanding of the subject.
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    The Artful Snake
    (University of Hawaii at Manoa, 2014-01-15) Creed, Jennifer ; Art
    Early man's relationship to the natural environment was more symbiotic than that of modern man. Early man existed "in accordance with the wisdom of nature....''2; he existed in a state of mutual interdependence with the animals, plants, and other elements that made up his natural environment. Nature was, in essence, his divinity. The images he created were therefore primarily concerned with his relationship to the natural/ supernatural environment. Although the circumstances surrounding the creation of these images are not explicitly known, the images are thought to have been functional, used as a means of communication-among the people themselves, between man and the animals he co-existed with, and between man and the spirits or gods that ruled his world. In essence, images gave "visual expression to the perennial impulses and concerns..."3 of early man, provided him with a visual link to his natural and supernatural environments.
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    Architectural Visualization: Togudo in Ginkakuji
    (University of Hawaii at Manoa, 2014-01-15) Arai, Fumie ; Art
    My honors senior thesis project is to accurately represent the traditional architecture of Japan in the form of an interactive virtual reality computer simulation. The project will consist of an interactive 3D virtual environment. The goal of this project is to produce a set of educational tools that architecture students, as well as anyone interested in Japan, can use to visualize classic Japanese architectural elements.
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    On Fleeting Ground: An Exhibition of Drawings
    (University of Hawaii at Manoa, 2012-05-11) Evans, Brady ; Szostak, John
    I hope to capture a moment and prolong the sensations that accompany it. The drawings in my exhibition are based on shadows from a sunny day in Manoa. Captured using brush and ink the shadows are reworked and reformed, emphasizing the unique and dynamic nature of the shadow. As I steadily work, the process becomes a kind of meditation, observing the marks as they build up, swell, and recede. What results is a shadow transformed into a world that is drawn neither from my own imagination nor completely from reality, a world that may lie right beneath one’s own feet. Zen Buddhism tells of an awakening that is inspired from an everyday experience. The transitory nature of shadows becomes a metaphor for a discovery of the profound in the everyday, many worlds that come and go as the sun passes from one horizon to another.