Pacific Science Volume 31, Number 3, 1977

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Pacific Science is a quarterly publication devoted to the biological and physical sciences of the Pacific Region.


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    Environmental Impact on a Samoan Coral Reef: A Resurvey of Mayor's 1917 Transect
    (University of Hawaii Press, 1977-07) Dahl, Arthur L. ; Lamberts, Austin E.
    Coral reef sites in Pago Pago Harbor, American Samoa, for which descriptions and quantitative data were obtained by Alfred G. Mayor and the Carnegie Institution of Washington expeditions of 1917-1920, were resurveyed in 1973. Some sites were destroyed and others damaged in the intervening half century, but it was possible to relocate the major quantitative transect at Aua. A reduction in total numbers of corals, a change in the relative proportions of different genera, and a probable reduction in the average size of individual colonies are recorded. Elsewhere in the harbor, more drastic effects on the reefs were noted. Both human and natural impacts may be responsible for the observed changes; it is suggested that the Aua reef may now be recovering from earlier damaging events.
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    Contributions to the Mineral Chemistry of Hawaiian Rocks. VI. Olivines in Rocks from Haleakala and West Maui Volcanoes, Maui, Hawaii.
    (University of Hawaii Press, 1977-07) Fodor, R.V. ; Keil, Klaus ; Bunch, T.E.
    Phenocryst and groundmass olivine in 22 rocks of the tholeiitic, alkalic, and nephelinicsuites from Haleakala and West Maui volcanoes were analyzed by electron microprobe. Results and conclusions: Ranges for average compositions of olivine phenocrysts and groundmass are, respectively. Fo73 _85 and Fo61 for the tholeiitic suite (only one tholeiite contained groundmass olivine); Fo54_83 and Fo15_68 for the alkalis suite; and Fo73 _83 and Fo61 _66 for the nephelinic suite. In all suites, zoning extends these ranges substantially. Phenocrysts are usually enriched in Fe, Mn, and Ca at their rims, and coexisting groundmass olivine is richer in these same elements and depleted in Cr and Ni contents. In the differentiated alkalic suite, Fe, Mn, and Ca increase, and Ni decreases, from basalt to trachyte (mainly dependent on major element fractionation). The tholeiitic and nephelinic suites can occasionally be distinguished by higher Ca and lower Ni in olivine of the latter.
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    A Fossil Garcinia Fruit from the New Hebrides, Melanesia
    (University of Hawaii Press, 1977-07) Fosberg, F.R.
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    Note on Cryptodromiopsis tridens (Brachyura, Dromiidae)
    (University of Hawaii Press, 1977-07) Eldredge, L.G.
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    Coral-Crab Commensalism in Xanthids
    (University of Hawaii Press, 1977-07) Lamberts, Austin E. ; Garth, John S.
    Report of a coral-crab commensalism is described. Xanthid crabs of the genus Actumnus apparently select pieces of live coral for construction of a cover they can move from place to place. The crabs protect the shelter and serve to disseminate the coral locally.
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