Friend, Douglas J.

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Dr. Douglas J., Emeritus Professor of Botany


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    Effect of Different Photon Flux Densities (PAR) on Seedling Growth and Morphology of Metrosideros collina (Forst.) Gray
    (University of Hawaii Press, 1980-04) Friend, Douglas J.
    Seedlings of Metrosideros were capable of net accumulation of dry matter at photon flux densities as low as 13 umol m-2 s-1 PAR (about 0.6 percent sunlight), when grown under a 12-hour day1ength at 20° or 25°C for over 4 months. Seedlings became adapted to shade at low levels of PAR by an increased leafiness of the plant (expressed as the leaf area ratio). This increased leafiness was brought about by a marked reduction in leaf thickness rather than by an increase in the proportion of assimilates distributed to leaves.