Technology Mediated Collaborations for the Professional Service Sector

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    Critical Considerations for a Closed-loop Medication Administration System
    ( 2020-01-07) Wickramasinghe, Nilmini ; Kou, Jian Qiu
    In recent years, the serious consequences of medical error are realized by both healthcare practitioners and the public because of the critical direct injury towards the involved patients and the high indirect costs subsequently all around the world. The utilization of information and communication technology in this field is recognized to have the potential of improving the quality of clinical treatment and reducing medical errors. To achieve safe and high-quality healthcare service, a closed-loop medication administration is an efficient solution since all the processes are monitored and recorded by the system. Among all the clinical staff, nurses play the most integral role in the whole patient care process in hospitals, including medication administration process with the potential of the medical errors to be recognized, handled and prohibited by nursing staff. Mobile nursing system may have the possibility to improve the efficiency and patient safety through the achievement of closed-loop medication administration.
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