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    Live Streaming: Its Relevant Concepts and Literature Review
    ( 2023-01-03) Huang, Zhao ; Mou, Jian ; Benyoucef, Morad ; Kim, Jongki
    Live streaming is a new form of social applications involving video content, consumption and real-time human interaction to facilitate users’ ability to interact with each other. Despite the increasing popularity of live streaming and its influence on business and society, relatively little research has been conducted to understand what we know and what we need to know about it. Therefore, a systematic review of the existing literature was carried out to synthesize the research findings. Accordingly, we systematically reviewed 133 useable papers published across 52 academic journals and 10 conferences with regards to research trends, topics, methodology, and contexts. This study offers a thorough understanding of current practices in live streaming, which may help businesses to better realize their live streaming deployment objectives.
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    Transferring Well-Performing Collaborative Work Practices with Parameterized Templates and Guidebooks: Empowering Subject Matter Experts for an Adaptation to Slightly Different Contexts
    ( 2023-01-03) Oeste-Reiß, Sarah ; Söllner, Matthias ; Leimeister, Jan
    Collaborative work practices (CWPs) package facilitation expertise and have the potential to increase team productivity up to 90%. Collaboration engineers develop CWPs and deploy them to practitioners that execute them. These CWPs, however, are typically customized to conditions of a specific use case. This creates the challenge that changing use case conditions or even small variations across contexts, hinder well-performing CWPs of being applied more often to create a long-term value. Practitioners fail to adapt existing CWPs due to missing collaboration expertise and adaptation guidelines. To address this challenge in collaboration engineering literature, we introduce a) the Subject Matter Expert role; b) the ‘CWP Adaptation Approach’ that formalizes the transfer of CWPs to different contexts with parameterized Templates and Guidebooks. To show a first proof-of-concept, we further inductively generalize from an exemplarily use case with a well-performing CWP in the educational domain.
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    Introduction to the Minitrack on IT Enabled Collaboration for Development
    ( 2023-01-03) Cheng, Xusen ; Yan, Xiangbin ; Bajwa, Deepinder