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    What Is Sustainable Development?
    (University of Hawaii, 2006-04) Cox, Linda J. ; Cusick, John
    The publication discusses three broad systems for sustainability (economic, social, and environmental) and the components and goals of sustainable development.
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    Value of Hawaii Hotel and Resort Open Area
    (University of Hawaii, 2001-04) Vieth, Gary R. ; Cox, Linda J. ; Eastwood, Frank
    A study of hotels in three areas of Hawaii found that guests value the existence of open areas on their grounds. Visitors to Maui and Hawaii differed from those to Waikiki in that the former were willing to pay a premium for a room in a hotel with a large amount of open area.
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    The Potential for Green Roofs in Hawai'i
    (University of Hawaii, 2007-02) Kaufman, Andrew ; Cox, Linda J. ; Miura, Tomoaki ; Easterday, Dawn
    Types, advantages, public and private benefits, and costs of growing vegetation to cover rooftops are discussed. Simulation aerial views compare Waikiki and downtown Honolulu with and without such vegetaion.
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    Resource Use Decisions: Private Vs. Public Valuation
    (University of Hawaii, 1999-09) Vieth, Gary ; Cox, Linda
    Differences between "formal rationality," profit-based business decisions and "substantive rationality," value-based decisions to benefit the public are discussed.
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    Sustainable Use Management of Hanauma Bay
    (University of Hawaii, 2001-07) Vieth, Gary R. ; Cox, Linda J.
    Oahu's Hanauma Bay is what economists consider a scarce, open-access resource, vulnerable to overuse. A survey of park users about nonresident fees was conducted. The effects of fees on reducing park use are discussed.
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